(That means “Hello” in Hamburg)

Born in 1990, I am what people call a “Digital Native”. Early on I developed a sense for upcoming trends in the digital space and empathy to understand human behavior and identify problems worth solving.

My work is driven by my deep passion for creativity, innovation and technology. Passions that I enjoy sharing with the world, for example as teacher at the highly acclaimed Design Factory International or as team member of

If you have big plans and need a hand: I’m available for projects involving…

and more. Just write me a quick e-mail so we can figure out the details.

If you require more manpower or special skillsets: I have an extensive international network of innovators, creatives and professionals – or friends as I would like to call them. Depending on your need and budget we can build a team to make your dreams reality.


Freelance Creative Digital Strategy, 2014 – now

Udemy (Freelance), 2017 – now

Design Factory International, 2016 – now, 2015 – now

Cyclique, 2015 – 2017

strg. GmbH, 2010 – 2014

Jimdo GmbH, 2010


Companies and Agencies I’ve worked for and with.

and many more.